13. True Religion vs Cults – [24 Answers from Chairman Lee Man Hee: Series]

The Joongang Daily News published an article on December 17, 2011 which listed a series of questions the late founder of the Samsung Group, Lee Byungcheol, asked about religion. The bold-print, front-page article has since been drawing a lot of attention around Korea because Mr. Lee directed his 24 questions about religion to a catholic priest a month before he passed.

The world is paying careful attention, not only because the questions were asked by one of the top leaders in the global economy, but also because no one has been able to properly answer them for the last twenty-four years.

The following article provides clear and definitive answers to Lee’s 24 questions about religion. It has been 24 years since these questions were asked, but the answers are finally being proclaimed to the public. Now, the people of the world can find the truth they have been seeking.

13. If the purpose of religion is to help people live morally, then why do Catholics consider their religion as the only true religion and other religions as cults?


NOTES on the Below Article: 

John 3 is an example of how even thought they had God’s word they had to be born again. 

Everything prior to Jesus’ first coming (in the Old Testament) was simply a promise made by God, once God sent Jesus, and Jesus came and fulfilled those promises they became truth and evidence of God as well as that Jesus was God’s promised son. Today we need to be born again as well, of the seed = word = truth… Truth today is the fulfilment of all that Jesus promised in the New Testament. 

Heresy and cults:

– from the Christian perspective = doesn’t follow Jesus, but follows another word apart from God’s. 

– from the Secular perspective = a group smaller than 150 000 people following someone who is still alive. 


Answer: Whether a person is Catholic or of another religion, if this person is not born again, he is in a cult. It is written in the Bible that this kind of situation will exist at the Lord’s Second Coming. People who are born with the genes of Adam (those with original sin and increasing amounts of hereditary and personal sins) are all the same. Their seed is a physical seed, which is without the holy spirit, and the seed of the heavenly gospel is God’s seed (Lk 8:11). Anyone who is born again through God’s seed will have his sins atoned for by Jesus’ blood.


13 comments on “13. True Religion vs Cults – [24 Answers from Chairman Lee Man Hee: Series]

  1. Good evening, Shinchonji unmasked blog! Thanks again for delivering the truth to us today as well. i pray that all Christians would have the word of God as their only standard when discerning the orthodoxy and heresies. To the Jews, Jesus was a heresy and a founder of the Nazarene sect because Jesus was telling them the fulfillment of the Old Testament. So, I guess whoever comes and proclaims about the fulfillment of the New Testament, Christians today would call them a heresy again. But the one who fulfills the prophecies and can testify about what he has seen and heard is the orthodoxy. If What Shinchonji, Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony, is saying unbiblical, please leave a comment here in this blog, and we can have a discussion.

  2. Amen. Thank you, Mr. Lee Man Hee. i read your word today and had it as my daily bread for my spirit. My spirit rejoices because I have met the promised temple, the Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony (Rev 15:5), the promised teaching, the newly revealed word (Rev 14:3), and most importantly, the promised pastor, Mr. Man Hee Lee!

  3. Olivia, there was a relative who called me a member of a cult, “Shinchonji is a cult. Shinchonji is a cult. Shinchonji is a cult.” He said it like a mantra. But when I asked, “Why do you think it is a cult?” There was not much he said. Instead, when I asked him questions on the Bible, he was not able to explain, but Shinchonji could–and with the word. Does it make sense that someone who cannot explain the word calls others and warns them about Shinchonji, which does explain the word?

    • Yeah! I noticed that too~ Whenever I hear anyone call another group a cult, I ask them why they think that. Yet, they don’t have any support for their claims! (the difference in perspective is so true)

      It makes me wonder, exactly which one of us is ‘brainwashed’ …the one repeating the ‘Shinchonji is a cult’ mantra or the one who can fully back up what they say and believe…?

  4. Ps. 119:130 The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives
    understanding to the simple!

    When God’s word is opened to us we are able to understand, be reborn by God’s seed and receive eternal life! Understanding God’s word gives us true light, light that lead us on the path of righteousness and brings us to Mt Zion, God’s Holy mountain, Shinchonji! Lee Man Hee has received the revealed word, the open scroll from Jesus and is giving it to the servants in God’s household so that they will believe and be saved! If anyone believes or thinks that Shinchonji is a cult then they are no better than the pharisees and scribes who labelled Jesus as a cult for speaking the truth, and the reason they did this was because they possessed no understanding for the truth and therefore were in darkness! Jesus could explain the things of heaven and today He is using the promised pastor to explain these things today!

  5. I find these answers from the Shinchonji Chairman to be very good. We should follow Biblical standards when we want to differentiate true religion from cult

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